The 718th research institute of CSIC (PERIC) : For the industry, the industry is the first

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The 718 Research and Development of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation began its research and development work in the late 1970s. At the end of 2002, it developed a process for the preparation of 99.99% high-purity NF3 gas by electrolysis and realized large-scale production. After continuous optimization and adjustment of the process and operating parameters, the purity of NF3 gas reached 99.996% and the production capacity reached 1350 tons/year. On the basis of the maturity of NF3 product technology, the Institute successfully developed 99.9999% of high-purity WF6 gas in 2006 and completed the construction of the production line. The current production capacity is 150 tons/year.
718 is engaged in the research and development and production of special gases for more than 200 people, with sales, quality inspection, safety, technology, products, production and other departments. In addition to the above gases, production and sales of D2, NH3, etc. have also been developed. With strong scientific research strength and unremitting efforts, the institute undertook the national “02 special project” task in 2012, and undertaken the development of 9 kinds of gases and 10 kinds of mixed gases. At present, the production scale of special gas has reached 1,800 tons, and the sales revenue of products in 2012 has reached nearly 300 million yuan.
The company's specialty gas products have been applied in batches at SMIC, BOE, AVIC Optoelectronics, Japan Showa, and French Air Liquide. In order to ensure the absolute satisfaction of customers, we regularly send special people to visit customers, understand the use of products and new demands, and win customers' good evaluation of product quality. The purchasing share has increased year by year. In 2010, it ranked first among SMIC's gas suppliers; in 2012, it was awarded the “Most Potential Supplier Award” by Shanghai Hua Hong NEC.
Facing the future, 718 will further enhance product quality and production technology, increase scientific research efforts, advance with the times, and promote the continuous improvement of domestically produced special gas products, bravely shouldering heavy burdens, and strive for "competition" for China's special gas industry. Contribution to the construction of the circuit industry chain.