KFMI: Adding bricks and tiles to China's material industrialization

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Founded in 2005, Ningbo Jiangfeng Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise introduced by the Yuyao Municipal Government of Zhejiang Province. It has about 500 employees and the core team consists of a number of Dr. Haigui and foreign experts headed by Yao Lijun and Pan Jie. There are 2 national experts in the plan, 3 experts in the province, 10 doctors and 35 masters. With a total planned construction area of ​​100,000 square meters, it has a complete target production line and a full set of professional analytical equipment. The company has passed ISO9001, IS014001, TS16949, Sony green partner, VDA6.3 certification of German automotive electronics industry. At the same time, it receives about 50 on-site inspections from customers every year, and the quality system is widely recognized.
The company has established a complete intellectual property protection system with 58 patents. Patent application covers aluminum, titanium and copper targets for semiconductors, liquid crystal display targets, solar cell targets, and technical aspects of raw material fabrication, microstructure, welding, machining, surface treatment, and inspection. A series of processes such as cleaning packaging and application improvement. The company has undertaken the National 863 Major Project, the High-tech Industrialization Project of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Electronic Development Fund of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National 02 Science and Technology Special Project. It has made outstanding achievements in the development of series sputtering target technology and industrialization. It has produced a good demonstration role in the localization of high-end materials for semiconductor manufacturing in China.
The company's products cover many fields such as semiconductor, solar energy and LCD. Among them, semiconductor targets are widely used in 0.5 micron-65 nanometer integrated circuit technology, and the minimum application line width reaches the most advanced 28 nanometer in the world. The company's products have been applied in batches by internationally renowned semiconductor manufacturers such as TSMC, Taiwan UMC, SMIC, Grophyn, Toshiba, Panasonic, Infineon and NXP, and will soon enter the world's most advanced Intel, IBM and other worlds. Semiconductor companies, customers all over the world.
At present, Jiangfeng Electronics has entered a rapid development track, and its sales scale has doubled for five consecutive years. At this stage, it is working with internationally renowned semiconductor manufacturers on the research of 20nm and 14nm industries. The company is becoming a globally competitive production base for ultra-high purity metal materials and sputtering targets in a wide range of materials, complete process equipment and strong production capacity.